Theatre Arts & Technology Minor

Theatre Arts & Technology Minor (15 additional credits)

Administered by: Department of Humanities. Cullimore Hall, Room 415.

The Theatre Arts & Technology minor combines the study of the dramatic arts as literature with training in applied theatre. Through this balance of academic investigation and hands-on experience, students gain an unusually broad perspective on this exciting field of the performing arts.

To achieve this balance, students electing a Theatre Arts & Technology minor take at least two courses in dramatic literature and at least two courses in applied theatre arts. Students electing this minor participate in actual productions staged in the joint theatre season of NJIT and Rutgers-Newark. Their roles in these productions, whether behind or in front of the curtain, teach valuable lessons in communication, responsibility, teamwork, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

All Theatre Arts & Technology minor students qualify for the Jim Wise Scholarship.  This scholarship is given to NJIT students who have shown leadership abilities and team commitment to the Theatre Arts & Technology Program on stage and off.  The scholarships range from $500 to $3000 per semester per student that meets the qualifications.

Part A: GER Requirements (6 credits total)

  • Lit 361 20th Century American Drama
  • Lit 362 Non-Western Theatre & Drama
  • Lit 363 Ethnic & Minority Drama
  • Lit 364 Modern Continental & British Drama
  • Lit 360 Intro to Drama
  • Lit 384 Musical Theatre Adaptation
  • THTR 344 American Musical Theatre
  • THTR 310 or 315 Theatre History (I & 2)
  • THTR 365 Principles of Playwriting
    (or any THTR 300 or 400 level courses, including Theatre Literature/History Courses on the Rutgers-Newark Campus, by recommendation only)

Part B: (6 credits of any theatre course)

  • THTR 208 Movement for Theatre
  • THTR 209 Voice and Speech for Theatre I
  • THTR 210 Voice and Speech for Theatre II
  • THTR 101 Living Theatre
  • THTR 212 From Page to Stage
  • 21-088: 259 Production I
  • 21-088: 260 Production II
  • 21-088: 467 Production III
  • THTR 261 Performance I
  • THTR 262 Performance II
  • THTR 465 Performance III
  • THTR 102 Acting Fundamentals
  • 21-089: 303 Performing for Television
  • 21-088: 313 Theatre Technology
  • 21-088: 409 Stage Management
  • 21-088: 250 Scenic Art for Theatre and Television
  • THTR 365 Principles of Playwriting
  • THTR 411 Special Topics in Theatre
  • THTR 414 Directing II
  • 21-089: 445 Drama Writing for Television
  • 21-089: 446 Directing Television Drama
  • THTR 483 Individual Study in Theatre I
  • THTR 484 Individual Study in Theatre II
  • THTR 396 Internship in Theatre

(Other courses at NJIT and Rutgers Newark can be taken with the approval of the program director.)

Part C: Senior Seminar Section: (3 credits)

HSS 407 or 491H Theatre and Technology (or by advisement)
HSS 403 Introduction to Film

(Each semester there are other recommended capstones offered)


All of the above are subject to some changes based on courses offered on both NJIT and Rutgers-Newark Campus.