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The Newark Playwright's Festival

March 27th - May 5th

This event will showcase new playwrights with a staged reading recorded online. Prior to the recording playwrights' Michele Rittenhouse and Greg Paul alongside directors' Louis Wells and Lillian Ribeiro will work with the young writers in a two-day workshop with actors to work on their play script.


EVERY_01: A Morality Play based on Everyman

Adapted and Directed by Louis Wells

This digital theatrical production combines elements of theatre, film and remote technology to produce a unique performance of the late 15th century morality play. This production of Everyman, titled EVERY_01 is meant to connect to the world around us at this specific moment in time. The original script is populated with personifications of Death, Good Deeds, Knowledge and Friendship. In this 2021 production a world is created that brings those personifications to life with an eye for our modern-day audience.

In Memoriam of Dan Drew:


NJIT Music Initiative - Concert Performance

The Don't Stop Believin' Project

NJIT Ensembles Unite For Inspirational Musical Performance

Members of NJIT's string, jazz and wind ensembles unite virtually with this pre-recorded concert performance for the university community.

The Don’t Stop Believin’ Project was conceived and directed by Christine Sweet, with music arranged by David Rimelis, with the kind cooperation and support of Nicolas Santoro and students from string, wind, and jazz ensembles. Video production created by Brennan Sweet.


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