THTR 258 (Stagecraft) helps the design process and build of our upcoming theatre production to teach you carpentry, electrics, rigging, and painting skills.

Students from all departments are welcome!

• Work hours are flexible

• Low key and relaxed

• No experience required

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Meet Some of Our Students

We provide solid theatre training in either a liberal arts or technological course of study.

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Jie Dou

“I enjoy my education at NJIT, it fosters my professional and personal growth.”

Jie Dou

Eric  Holzer

“Theatre Arts & Technology strengthened my character, my confidence, and my own perception of the world around me.”

Eric Holzer
Class of 2016

Mohamed  Camara

“There have been a lot of memorable moments, and most importantly, opportunities for growth.”

Mohamed Camara
Class of 2017