Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts and Technology

A degree in Theatre Arts and Technology is designed as a stand-alone or as a double major with any other field of study offered at NJIT.  The job possibilities cover areas from performing arts and arts development to the career opportunities offered by the additional major or a combination of both.   By using the combined degrees, some career possibilities are:  Software Engineer, Story Artist, Theme Park Animator,  Technical Director, Producer, Entertainment Technician, Graphic Artist, Designer, traditional theatre areas of work, just to name a few.   Course offerings in theatre will be on both the NJIT and Rutgers-Newark campus through the Joint Theatre Program.

Course Requirements:

(Requires 121 credits for graduation which can be combined with credits with primary major.)

  • 24 credits of applied training Theatre Core Courses. (12 credits also can count toward GER)
  • 12 credits from theatre elective courses;  Courses from additional major or minors that apply directly to technology, design or the performing arts
  • 21 credits of Theatre Requirement Electives;  Additional credits decided in consultation with the Theatre Arts and Technology Academic Program Advisor in order to lead to a coherent set of courses constituting a specific area of study.

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