About Theatre Arts and Technology

The NJIT Theatre Arts and Technology Program is part of the Rutgers-NJIT Joint Theatre Program that has been a combined program since 1993. We are proud to say that many of our graduates are now working at New Jersey Performing Arts Center and have created their own theatre companies. Some have gone on to teach and work in theatre and technical design throughout New Jersey and New York. Our alumni have been very dedicated to the program and they have continued to help our current students as mentors for theatre projects on and off the campuses.  

For the students at both schools, we provide solid theatre training in either a liberal arts or technological course of study. Students take on a specialization in performance, production, playwriting, music and technology, communication and media, or science, technology and society.        

Taking on a specialization is not the only avenue to completing a fulfilling education.  We encourage students to take on a second major in another discipline. The course curriculum is set up so that the students will be able to finish their undergraduate education in a timely manner. By opting for a double major, the student will expand their opportunities for job placement in the performing arts with advanced skills in technology and liberal arts.

Contact us at theatre@njit.edu